April 2004


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This version of our Newsletter deals with two technical issues.
One relates to our CT102 Audio Power Supply Module and the
other is about contact cleaning of our attenuators and switches.

DACT CT102 Audio Power Supply - why does it improve the sound of audio electronic circuits?
Simply by comparing the most important specifications, you get a good indication that the DACT CT102 Audio Power Supply module will allow small audio electronics circuits to sound better than when using other regulated power supplies. CT102 has lower noise and lower output impedance than any other active audio power supply that we have come across. Besides, CT102 has the ability to deliver very large current peaks when required. Unlike most active power supplies, CT102 also sinks current as well as it supplies current.
Another issue is when you compare to powering audio circuits with batteries. Our subjective impressions were that CT102 is also superior to battery powering. Therefore we set out to prove this objectively in terms of measurements. We found that CT102 has far lower output impedance than some of the best batteries available - dry-cell or rechargeable. And unlike most active power supplies, CT102 has this significant edge over batteries over the entire frequency range 10Hz to 100kHz.
Read the complete technical article her.

Switch contact cleaning.

We previously published an article at www.DACT.com about switch contact cleaning.
In rare cases a DACT switch (attenuator or input selector) may start making noises when operated. The necessity of cleaning will depend on the environment in which the switch is used (air pollution, humidity, temperature, dust).
The phenomenon has to do with particles being attracted and attached to areas on the gold plated contacts on the PCB, rivets or sliding contact.
It shows up as noises in the speakers when the switch is operated. It often only occurs at a single or a few of the switch positions
Contact cleaning is not difficult to handle.Read the cleaning instructions here.

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